Superior web design is something we strive for. Our goal is to improve the web, one site at a time. We know getting a new website can be a stressful process and we're here to guide you through it as smoothly as possible. To give you some insight into our web design process, we've outlined below the steps we take to complete a website from start to finish. If you have any questions or need help, you can fill out our contact form or just give us a call!

If you already have a website, we will start by reviewing it with you to determine what you like and don't like about it. We will investigate into how users currently reach your website and how we can improve things like interaction, conversions, functionality and aesthetics. If you are selling products online, we will discuss how your sale process works, how your competitors operate and draw customers to their websites. This will give us the ability to prioritize the design process and not only drive more customers to your website but increase sales and conversions.
A flow chart will be developed, outlining how your website navigates from page to page and then analyzed for user-friendliness. The goal is to get users to the reason they visited the site as quickly as possible without sacrificing the user experience. This will help keep your audience engaged with your product or business while visiting your website - there is only a 5-10-second window to make a lasting impression on first-time visitors.
We will create a mockup of how your website could potentially look, starting with the home page. The design will then go through a rigorous review process, to make sure it meets all of the specifications outlined from step 1. At this point, if you currently do not have a company logo, or believe your existing one can be improved to match your new website, we offer a range of services from logo design to entire brand packages that can help refine the face of your product or business. Your website will be developed on a private domain, so you or anyone else involved can track the on-going progress. We will work with you to populate the site with content and make refinements until the project is completed.
Jackalope has built their own CMS (content management system) to meet our customers needs in a new and unique way. We have a custom CMS system that we can impliment into the backend of your website that allows you, the site owner, to edit content on the page without any knowledge of HTML coding and less than 5 minutes of training. This process can be added to almost all content areas on your website to ensure that your content is always up to date without all the fees that come along with monthly maintenance.
Once we have the general layout and design of the site finished, we start the build. We code our sites in 100% HTML and CSS with a splash of JS and PHP to make things dynamic. What that means for you is each and every page is built to your specs and layed out the way you want. We aren't taking WordPress templates and slapping on a coat of paint. The aim is to customized the web design per your requirements in the most creative way so you have a site unique to you.
Its finally time to go live! We work either with your current host or we can set you up with a brand new host to get your website on the internet and live for the world to see. We will walk you through all the steps in order to log in to your hosting account to monitor your site as you please. If you would prefer a more hands off approach, we also offer monthly maintance and hosting packages so you don't even have to think about your site and you can get back to what's really important, running your business.